The Great RESHT - Voted Out - Agenda This MOFOs

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If anyone still has YT accounts- LOL-- Might drop by and add to the huge amount of thumbs on this video. You decide which way to vote.. I am not trying to incite anything. :>
Title for video is -What is the Great Reset Davos Agenda 2021-

FIRST part of video is just a CAPTURE OF THE COMMENTS and such before someone comes along and trips over the cord and resets them to a new set of numbers.

The full video is following this.. Please dont give it a full view on YT.
Watch it here and drop ratings lower. Thumbs is as said above up to you.
A funny note along with this is bidens inauguration.. Its completely de-listed! Imagine that!
Sorry about lame screen cap videos.. I just dont have heart in it anymore.
I am focus on my larger projects again and will try and post them. I dont have luck with a video over 100-200 mb in a good resolution @ 720.. Sure dont have TIME to try it 3 or 4 times. Might make a short video on its content and link to old BChute I have. IDK yet.
God Bless!
Please read and comprehend below!
Eph 6:12-On Spirit
1 Tim 4:9-11-On Salvation
Luke 10:25-28-On Duty
1 Cor 15:20-28-On Order




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