Trailer: Medical Police State - The Threat To Our Freedoms

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In New York, California and other states, some politicians are trying to quietly sneak through horrific Bills that threaten medical privacy, make vaccines and other medical procedures compulsory, transfers power to health departments, forces doctors to follow orders regardless of the impact on their patients, sets up undocumented immigrants to be targeted for deportation and so much more.
A distinguished panel of doctors, lawyers, politicians and community activists speak out against the tyranny that these Bills threaten to impose. This Forum is hosted by Curtis Cost and Alix Mayer.

The speakers include: Lawrence B Palevsky MD, Alim Mohammad MD, Attorney Tricia Lindsay, Attorney Christopher Ferrara, John Gilmore, Sue Frost, Denise Aguilar - Freedom Angel, Tara Thornton - Freedom Angel, Cristie Connors, Dr. Aaron Lewis and Jo Rose.

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