David Hogg "Crisis Actor" Interview Proves Fake Shooting at Douglas High School

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It's official - David Hogg is a crisis actor, whose role was starkly revealed when The Newsweek media group failed to check the content of Hogg's interview where he states the time of Alex View's gun control rant is at 9:32 in the morning - nearly 5 hours before the alleged shooting. The time of 9:32 PM is ruled out since all students had long been evacuated by that time.
When you listen to the dialog it's clear the interview is said to be held while "hiding in this closet". This should mean that the interviews were recorded at around 2:30 PM. But David Hogg slipped and revealed foreknowledge of the shooting drill when he asserted the time of the interviews were at 9:32 on 3/14/18.
No case can be made that the interviews were recorded at 9:32 at night since the students were not still hiding from the shooter 7 hours after the last shot was fired. All students had been evacuated, the scene locked-down and the shooter had long been in custody by 9:32 PM.
Alex View was obviously reading from a script. It would be awkward for her to be seen looking at prepared text. The background noise clutter and chatter remains the same on both interviews. So, nobody changed location from the phony closet scenario from one interview from the next regardless the B-roll video inserted on top of the Alex View script reading.


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