The Communist Revolution - Rebellion From Fifteen Directions

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Communism Revolution Rebellion From Fifteen Directions
We can not risk our civil liberties by allowing a socialist or democratic socialist to win any election, although (I believe) America will never be full blown socialist nation, some of us have already seen the socialist mindset creeping into our communities and consuming school boards, city councils and even the planning commissions of rural townships.
I think of communism like the old horror movie THE BLOB and it is rolling along consuming our liberties and rights to raise, teach, make informed medical decisions for our children and act in our families best interest.
My hope is that we can realize one bitter lesson learned as the truth settles in and socioeconomic stranglehold weakens, would be that we were lied to. We were kept paralyzed while communists kept hammering away at everything from our politicians, public school teachers, Port of entry (dock workers unions) medical associations etc. to keep us in a state of fear and lock-down.
This can not happen again.
The media pile drives a contrived story-line that the strife in our nation’s cities is the flashpoint of deep rooted, systemic racial discrimination in the United States.
Communists need scabs to pick at to open wounds and then send in the agitators like an infection to fester and spread throughout the system. Unfortunately in America minorities are the scab the communists know they can pick at.

Below are links to some documents and articles that were written by individual communists and periodicals distributed by communist parties that are worth reading. If you are my age then you should remember reading is fundamental (RIF) This is the fundamental stuff nobody taught us in school, and has never gotten the public exposure that it SHOULD HAVE.


Black Is Beautiful Communism Is Not By Yuri Bezmenov

Color, Communism and Common Sense -- Chapter 1

Color, Communism and Common Sense -- Chapter 2

Color, Communism and Common Sense -- Chapter 3

John (Pogani) Pepper -negro problems



I would like to take a couple seconds to express my admiration and deep respect for the journalists, truth seeking citizens, pundits and keyboard warriors who go out and get it done. These are individuals who are making a difference by pushing back against wave after wave of the Marxist Media Mob’s dezinformatsiya. These advocates of exposure are relentless, selfless, hard working heroes and rarely get credit for their due diligence. Instead they get banned, cancelled, de-platformed, threatened, assaulted, injured and written off as conspiratorial by the stuffed shirts running the mainstream media Marxist conveyor belt of trash.


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