Targeted Ind.: Feds Keep Sending Sketch People To My Parent’s Titlework Office

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In this TI video, I talk about how the local fedbois are getting so desperate they have resorted to sending sketchass people to my place of work (my parent’s Titlework/Insurance business) in a pathetic attempt to either coerce me into some stupid entrapment conversation (just like BFS all over again) or to make shit look weird in order to facilitate their lies. In this case, I have footage and audio of this particular individual who told my mom he was some sort of ex-con and my mom can back up in strange situation if I need any of the above as evidence. The actual conversation between the two was an innocent conversation about Titlework however I do hope to make a follow-up in a day or two with an interview with my mom and the aforementioned footage to make of it what you will. This particular video is merely a comment on the incident and some of my TI thoughts.

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