DREADD Tech. --- Sit Down for This One --- Be aware of how this works

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As the script continues on, we find more of the same from different angles. I have been showing this path of control for a decade now. I hope some became woke!

There is ZERO Truth now!
Figure it out and stop being played!

This technology here is not new by any means. What we should be aware of is its abilities NOW to be combined with the other newer technologies being shown us. Rest assured that none of it is REALLY new but has been more or less perfected. There wont be a failure in the release of the master plan to enslave the minds of men. To much time have we allowed things to progress against us to the point now where basically, as civil uprising of ARMS is the way out.
When we see the last tic on the clock to where the millions who are at home and not to concerned changes over night with the next "pearl harbor event", it will be to late. We have one huge class of people behind the scenes watching and waiting till they think its time to burst forth and begin a military style take back. time for that is passed.

IF you did not understand what this video means.. PLEASE watch it again in a couple days! This is probably the last key to understanding why we have streets of people acting as such as there is no tomorrow and many of the crime a s single lone assailant "real or not event" make more sense now.

There are 2 classes of people alive now. If you have not looked toward the heavens and understood that we are not for this world but reside here till an appointed time, you are missing the grand design of life as given by God Almighty. I kid you not that you WILL understand it one way or the in due time. Please dont be the one with the long rap sheet not covered by Our heavenly Fathers’ Sons blood.

God Bless. Grace to you and yours
Eph 6:12 - 1 Tim 4:9-11 -- The Plan of God > 1Cor 15:21-28 to be ALL in ALL

From my drop box to you. --


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