George Floyd’s Fake Murder Exposed

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I kept this video short and to the point. If you want to get the gist of what I was talking about simply go into your closet and find an older neck tie. For simplicity just lay it on the carpet about a foot or so parallel to the wall and get down on your knees. Then place your left knee in the center of the tie. Grab the two ends about a foot or so above your knee. See how easy it is to pull your leg up. Now imagine a professional working with the best equipment on the market. I’m sure they had something really cool rigged up. When he had his hand in his pocket, he was just lifting his leg a little but but you couldn’t see it or notice it. Pardon the illustration. Pretty grim but I just wanted to make the point that a wire, rope or maybe a thin rod is attached to it for leverage. There may not be a handle either. Just something to grab onto. Pretty slick whatever it is.


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