NZ - Christchurch - Frame-By-Frame Footage Breakdown!

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1. Watch any footage in normal speed and observe what is being said about the footage
2. I tend to watch the footage at normal speed around 5-6 time
3. Copy footage and reduce the speed to frame-by-frame (this can be long and tedious, but revealing)
4. I tend to watch the footage frame-by-frame around 10-20 times whilst taking notes
5. Edit the footage to the highest quality you can without losing picture quality, this will help you ‘see' things you would normally miss
6. By this time, you will have a good understanding of the breakdown and will see numerous things you would not have seen at full speed
7. In the video I have highlighted what I see and question peoples behaviours. Sometimes these behaviours may be innocent, nevertheless, I try to point out as many observations as possible
8. Try the above, you will be amazed!

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