Lord Jamar Of Brand Nubian Talks About The Current Psy-Ops (Part 1) June 2020

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Lord Jamar has always been a follower of the 5%, the Nation of Gods & Earths teachings that only five percent of the population is enlightened, good, & willing to help those who are oppressed. NOG&E, a New York, Nation Of Islam movement. They would be considered antisemitic in today’s media. Brand Nubian was a underground Hip-Hop group that was popular in the early 90s. He could be controlled opposition but not too many people know who he is. He may be a black Freemason & that’s why he his hip to the conspiracies. Hip-Hop used to talk about conspiracies a lot shortly after Behold A Pale Horse was published & Bill Cooper passed, but Hip-Hop eventually became water-downed & controlled by powerful Jewish folks who owned most of the Hip-Hop record labels.


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