Murder On The Tracks Part 3 - The Sheriffs

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A look at all the Sheriffs of Saline County since Kevin and Don's murders. THIS video is exactly WHY Linda Ives needs to have private investigators employed to get to the bottom of the MURDERS of her son Kevin, and his friend Don. It's been an "open investigation" since day one by the "official authorities" and look how THAT has worked out for 30+ years now. The people working for Linda, such as Private Investigator Keith Rounsavall, who was a Police Detective for 25 years before retiring and becoming a P.I., are doing so Pro Bono, meaning they are NOT getting paid to do it. They are doing it to help Linda get the LONG overdue Justice for the murder of her son and his friend Don. And make no mistake, the decades-long resiliency, strength and courage exhibited by Linda Ives is the ONLY reason these people are helping her. Myself included, with videos like this. And that by no means is a knock on anyone, such as the Henry family perhaps, or any of the 1000's(taking a guess) of other parents who have had their child's murder go unsolved over the years, across the country. Everyone grieves/reacts/responds differently to each scenario. But what I mean is that, it's strictly because of Linda's relentless and continued tenacity in bringing the fight for Justice for the boys to the front lines... for THIRTY YEARS now... is the reason that most people today know anything about the case today. I certainly would not have known(remembered really) anything about it today, except for Linda's continued efforts. (I saw the original Unsolved Mysteries show when it aired almost 30 years ago, but had completely forgotten over time, but then, a number of years ago, I "rediscovered" what happened, and that's only thanks to Linda's continued fight.) There's a GoFundMe page set up to help pay for the various fees involved to investigate. Understand that the money raised there goes strictly to the investigation. Expenses such as long distance phone calls... travel expenses(going across the country to speak-to/or-track witnesses)... FOIA lawsuits(the Government has THOUSANDS of classified and redacted documents on Kevin and Don's murders... think about that for a minute)... and so on... the costs start to add up. For example, to do a proper lie-detector test, with credentials acceptable to Law Enforcement and the Courts, on Billy Jack Haynes, costs thousands of dollars to do.


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