Florida HS Ankle Shooting What's with the DRINKS?

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This SIMULATED Shooting Drill has been Sponsored by PepsiCo and Coca-Cola! Although this was a small story yesterday, and we will hear very little about it, what we have is a ton of similarity between this shooting drill and Parkland! Kids were staged outside the classroom, Nobody actually saw this event go down, the Patsy didn't have any reason to shoot anyone. When will people wake up and realize there are far too many similarities and PROBLEMS with the stories surrounding these alleged shootings? When will they look close at the photographs and videos and see what is happening wouldn't happen at a real shooting? I guess they would have to look beyond the "Headline" and the Tweets to catch these little things that woke me up after Sandy Hook. I FORGOT TO THROW IN THE ATF PICTURE WITH THE COKE TRUCK! I'll use it as my "thumbnail" for this video!


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