DEW Lasers Confirmed Again. Raging Inferno CHOPS a House? by John Knox Activist

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[MIRROR] from John Knox Activist. Original title: Raging Inferno CHOPS a House?? 7/31/18. Published on July 31, 2018.
Channel, John Knox Activist:

When a raging, unpredictable 'Force of Nature' forrest fire reaches a tract of suburban becomes extremely repetitive, very precise and extremely predictable.
This is an exploration of one still picture.
The fire damage shown is believed caused by the Carr Fire, located near Redding, CA in Shasta County.

The forrest fire, turned tract home fire, turned.....samurai sword fire?
DEW your research, the pictures of fires worldwide will show even more evidence of a system directing the burning...not Mother Nature.

When you Cultivate Your Common Sense you'll find more and more reasons to Stay Curious.


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