JFK: Bagman

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Officer James Bookhout posing as Jack Ruby. That is not Jack Ruby. You are witnessing Jack Ruby being framed and Lee Oswald is double crossed, he was taken off in an ambulance and killed later. After firing the shot, the Shooter dove into the arms of the police. Why would he do that? Has anyone else ever done that? No. This is the only time. What was the purpose of it? He wouldn’t do it if he wanted to fight with the police. If he wanted to fight, he’d fight. He’d assume a fighting stance and start fighting; he wouldn’t dive. Nobody starts a fight by diving. And if he wanted to give up, I presume he would drop the gun and raise his arms overhead. Isn’t that how people give up? Who dives into the arms of police?
But, I know why he did it, and it wasn’t to fight. He did it to take cover. He was James Bookhout, and he was working with the police. They were cooperating. The Police had to get him into the jail office without him being seen. So, he dove to them so that they could easily cover him up. And once they covered him up, they were going to maneuver him into the Jail Office though the corner door. But, how did they all know they were taking him to the corner door? Nobody yelled, "Let’s take him to the corner door." Nobody yelled anything. Doesn’t it seem like some of them, if not all of them, would have had the notion to handcuff him in the garage? Don’t you find it strange that no one took out his handcufs in the garage, but as soon as they got through the door, three got the idea at the same time. Reportedly, it was McMillan’s cuffs that went on him. But, why not do it in the garage? And why use the corner door? The big double doors directly behind them were much more accessible. How is it that no one got the idea to go through them? And what was the Shooter supposedly doing the whole time? He wasn’t fighting against them. He wassn’t struggling. He was just going along. But, why was this freaky behavior being done? And why did no one have a problem with it? It’s not normal police behavior. Their normal behavior is to get the violent offender under their control; to not go anywhere until he is in restraints and no longer a threat. There was nothing normal about any of it. The whole idea of them turning a 40 foot walk to a car into a pageant wasn’t normal. The whole idea that none of them saw, or was aware of, or responded to the Shooter until AFTER the shot was taken wasn’t normal. It was physically impossible for LC Graves not to be be aware of the Shooter when he moved right in front of him. The Shooter crossed directly in front of Graves. That he didn’t see him was impossible. It is indisputable that Graves was just pretending not to see him. None of the police reacted in any way until AFTER the shot was taken. All were oblivious to the Shooter until then. And that’s because they wanted the shot to be taken. The shooting of Oswald was a spectacle, and they (the police) were all acting. Oswald too was acting. And of course, Bookhout also was acting. It was all theater. Oswald was not shot in the garage. He was shot in the Jail Office afterwards. The shot was taken downward: it went from the 7th rib on Oswald’s left to the 11th rib on his right. The only way the Garage Shooter could have taken such a shot is if he raised his elbow up and pointed the gun down. It was all an act. This is 2023. Hasn’t the age of gullibility passed? Don’t people today have less respect for authority than ever before? Aren’t they more skeptical than ever? And don’t they doubt what government and media tell them more than ever? Then, why do they believe that ridiculous enactment of Oswald being shot in the garage?
It wasn’t real. And if you can’t see that it wasn’t real, that none of it makes any sense whatsoever, then I pity you.


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