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Lookoutfa Charlie 279

Unprovoked attack? Not so fast, Sherlock Holmes. This relatively new phenomenon is not so unprovoked. It’s just an externsal source. Magic tricks. What they don’t tell you is that 99% of these "voice hearers" are also dealing with artifial tones in their ears (artificial tinnitus). Which is a GIANT red flag that the situation is artificial. People can also have infrasound and ultrasound that cannot be heard. Sort of an "unhearable", artificial tinnitus.

After a recent situation, I decided to make a video that explains the modern Manchurian to the average person who has not studied this. This information has been taken from thousands of stories and conversations with people. As well as analyzing audio and hundreds (and hundreds) of cases.

*Shilling, Fedposting and Mole’n 101*

*Insane sounding statements
*Ask ridiculous questions that have been answered over and over on this channel
*"User" always slightly changes their opinions and angle about this subject
*Constant contradictions
*Making "video tag" comments just to mark a video for later identification
*Keyword comments. These mark the video with keywords that were purposely avoided by me.
*"User" asks endless questions. Their reponse (if at all) will just be another question
*Fedposting about violence, uprising or destruction of property
*Attempting to extort / entrap by gaining medical advice (especially in post 2020 era)
*Constant questioning of the source. "What is this?" "Where does it come from?" "Who is doing this?"
*Appealing that I consider the possibility that this is paranormal related. While not considering that there is years and years of study and analyzation into this..and there are almost 300 videos on this channel that all work as a body of evidence.
*Trying to sound inquisitive.. while attempting to influence the viewer. But comes off as lazy, lazy minded, and unwilling to do any reasearch for themselves.
*Baseless speculation is suddenly fact for the poster.
*"User" makes ridiculous and maniacal comment. Then asks if anyone else is experiencing it as well..
*Makes comments that attempt to correct information in a video. Then asks a question that is of the most remedial nature on this subject.
*Constant questions about remedies when this information is covered here. Either the poster is too lazy to search or wants to change the subject.


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