Seattle 6⁄14 The Sacrificial Lamb

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1923 5th Avenue, Seattle, Washington. The Ring.
Movie The Ring (2002). SAMara.666 Fifth Avenue.
Trump Tower 728 5th Avenue, New York.
Ted Bundy began his killing spree i seATTl in 1974. He was born Theodore Robert Cowell November 24, 1946. (Born same years as Trump). SAM = Ted Bundy's father.

David Berkowitz = Son of SAM. 44 calibre killer.

seATTle SLEW (horse) Triple Crown Winner 1977. Elvis Presley died 1977.

Seagram's seven 7 crown. 777 = jack pot.
Mystery object spotted over Whidbey Island. Is the Whidbey Island. 'missile' mystery solved?
Shots fired near seATTle, Tacoma international Airport.

AT&T (att), seATTle. Angels vs. Mariners. Swept in Seattle.
Seattle 6⁄14 The Sacrificial Lamb. Published on June 13, 2018.


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