BUSTED!! Chicago Mercy Hospital 'Mass Shooting' - Facebook 'Child Bride Auction'

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all busted!! but, come to your own conclusions...I show here, how I just had a feeling a 'mass shooting' was gonna come out of Chicago around this time...smh
they're also now in the mainstream news telling more and more at these staged events they "just had an active shooter drill 2 weeks ago November 8..." to, in my opinion, cover it up more by programming the typical ignorant american to hear this more and more via them to make them shrug off the 'coincidental' event just after a 'drill' opinion the news, a child bride auction from South Sudan...South Sudan?! smh...well, I added it right to the beginning for you all to see the truth yet again.
I mention other damage control cover ups taking place too, show it a bit here via real time search/recording...thanks everyone


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