Covid-19 Japan Laughs At America!

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Totally amazing how Japan’s covid-19 death numbers are so low. I think we’re getting psy-oped. Amazing how Trump believes that stupid Elmhurst Hospital garbage, phony FAKE NEWS medical simulation story, put on by Colleen Smith. Also amazing is the belief that Hart Island was burying covid-19 victims. They’ve been burying homeless people, convicts and poor people there since just after the Civil War. 150 at a time. Over 1,000,000 people are buried there. Amazing how he believes that we could have 2.2 million deaths when Japan is under 1,000! Stupid Professor Ferguson at Imperial College. He’s never predicted anything right! Fauci takes his numbers and tells Trump we gotta shut er down. BULLSHIT! The stupidity of our government is mind boggling! Some governors are totally HAYWIRE and doing a great disservice to their states! Boot them out! JERKS!


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