C R Health Workers HUNT For Seniors At Bus Stops, Mangroves, for the Jab. Good Reason to CCW

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Health Workers Look For Seniors At Bus Stops, Mangroves, for the Jab. Good Reason to CCW
Now this is a good reason to CCW, to protect yourself from the Pharma toxins, a potential death jab, bioweapon, mind control.

Health Workers Look For Older Adults At Bus Stops And Mangroves To Vaccinate Them In Osa

Hospital Collapse in Costa Rica, NAW, Just Propaganda, Video Outside Hospital & Clinic Under Orange Alert

Costa Rica Tightens Vehicle Restriction This Tuesday As Beds For Intensive Care Are Scarce

Costa Rica Could Face Hospital Collapse Within A Month

If ICU Beds At Caja Hopistals Are None, Can Private Hospital Beds Be Used?

Today’s Coronavirus News: 4,310 New Cases And 32 Deaths In 3 Days

Encienden alarmas: 53 cantones en alerta naranja por COVID-19

Historic: Record Cases Of Covid-19 In A Single Day And Hospitalizations

Four Hospitals Run Out Of ICU Beds For Covid-19 Critically Ill Patients

Today’s Covid News: New Record Of Cases Broken Again, 2,434 In 24 Hours

Costa Rica Is The Leader In America And Fifth In The World In Freedom Of The Press

Líder de mafia israelí se ocultó en Costa Rica y fue asesinado

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