An Elephant in the Hospital- Child Circumcision by Doctor R. McAllister-

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Deaths from circumcision:

Over 100 baby boys die every year from circumcision: (A newborn baby is in a state of critical hemorrhage from a loss of just 1 ounce of blood.)

Another article that addresses that 100 babies die every year in the US from circumcision:

Circumcision: dirty little secrets exposed
Midwife Gloria Lemay’s notes on circumcision deaths-

Circumcision is a tyrannical abuse of medical authority
To learn more see.
*Circumcision, Mutilation, Bodily Integrity, Human Rights

BIO-PHYSICIST LECTURE - Elephant in the Hospital+
( (

Men Watch A Circumcision On Video And Their Reactions Are Intense

Doctor Ignorance of Male Anatomy Harms Boys

I Researched Circumcision! ...Did You Really?

To the (Happily) Circumcised American Man

Partners Speak UP (NSFW)

The American Academy of Pediatrics is guilty of withholding crucial information from the public - deliberately concealing the well-known structure and function of the foreskin. This vital information was once included in the AAP pamphlet, but was later deleted from subsequent editions without explanation. Ronald Goldman, Ph.D. inquired eight times to four AAP officials about this deletion, and concluded there was "no coherent explanation." You can read his correspondence with them at this link...

The struggle for genital autonomy
and against the involuntary genital modification
of children of any sex

There are MANY reasons circumcision - particularly of minors - should be scrapped as the archaic and barbaric practice it is.


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