A Horse With No Name by America A Drill With No Victims by Austin Texas, No 1

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The Best Way to Get Up On A Horse, No 1

This is an exact copy of o Holcombe grave. I have built it myself.

Music: A Horse With No Name by America.

( I upload this video again because I think I had put it on private, the first time ).

Interesting, they have change the text on the GoFundMe page 'Church Shooting: Holcombe Family*. Before I uploaded my Sutherland Springs series 'We Hoax Together In Sutherland Springs' the text was: Christopher Foster on behalf of Sarah Slavin. Now the text is: Cristopher Foster on behalf of Anon Anon. (I guess it stands for Anonymous).

Have my videos done an impact? So now people donate to an anonymous owner of an account??? Money on the account July 11, 2018: $595,030. LINK. Church Shooting: Holcombe Family:


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