Who owns it all

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There are no governments, only banks and corporations. What this means is that whoever owns Blackrock/Vanguard also owns the NYSE and everything else. And what that means is that whenever you see that common statistic trotted out by “progressives” or “liberals”, where 1% of the people on Earth have 50% of wealth, you know you are again being conned. That statistic sounds bad, but even it is heavily spun. The truth is much much worse. The truth is that the top 100 families, which comprise only a few thousand people, own above 90% of everything, and they control the rest. That means that .0001% own above 90%. Which is around 20,000 times worse than the statistic the “liberal” press is trying to sell you. And you know why they are trying to sell it to you: the liberal [read fascist] press is also owned by the people that own Blackrock/Vanguard.


BlackRock Inc. has disclosed 5,763 total holdings in their latest SEC filings. Most recent portfolio value is calculated to be $ 3,191,567,492,438 USD.


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