Trump Exposes Lying Larry Silverstein! 911

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Donald Trump seems to have said that he called Larry Silverstein at his office. Larry claims to have had a Dr. appointment on the morning of 911. I never heard Larry say he left his home that morning and went to his office. He was planning to move into the 88th floor of one of the towers. Where his current office was at the time is something I don't know. Trump claimed he was there. If this is true, Larry's story about a Dr. appointment could very well be a stupid fairy tale and strongly suggest that he may have been one of the insiders who participated in this horrific event.
I'm firmly convinced at this point that President Trump knows who did 911. He may not know everything by now but he certainly has the big picture. This probably explains why for the past 2 years they have been doing everything they can to smear, impeach and totally ruin him. An impeached President can never do anything to the individuals who set up and carried out this awful attack on our country. These individuals at all levels have to be scared out of their minds. He never lets his enemies know what he's going to do and this has to be driving them crazy. Will they be arrested and dragged in front of a military tribunal to face charges of treason and suffer the penalty of execution? Time will tell. In the meantime 90% of the news about our President will continue to be negative and the dirty tricks will not end.


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