Edward Snowden "Israeli Tech Used by Saudis to Kill Journalist"

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weird, I filled this all out when I uploaded it...

title states, I show a lot more here too about Israel, I really don't wanna write it all out again but I'll summarize it:
I said a month ago, showed screenshots days ago here about Snowden, Israeli tech by Saudis rounding up dissidents, published this stuff a month on liveleak, terminated!!
Muslims raising thousands in Pittsburgh for Jews, burials, expenses?? really?? cause what did Israel just do? I show it...thanks again everyone, I express my thanks here too, working a lot since coming home...up at 2:40am est for the gym, at work by 5am till 5pm right now, I haven't had time to get back on here and acknowledge comments but have read them in my outlook email, I will get to them and also be more on the site here watching some others and starting to subscribe :)

thanks again everyone, 153news too!!!


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