Escape From Al Qaeda, Jimmy and JoAnne Moriarty True Story Exposes NATO Atrocities in Libya

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Escape From Al Qaeda, Jimmy and JoAnne Moriarty True Story Exposes NATO Atrocities in Libya

Escape from Al Qaeda in Libya “A True NATO War story”
This is story about 2 Americans who found themselves trapped in the middle of a bloody nightmare; captured by Al Qaeda and sentenced to death during the NATO invasion of Tripoli 2011. They were saved by 3 distinct miracles. Jimmy is an extremely bright, outspoken, off the grid, kind of guy. He is a businessman/entrepreneur and a risk taker. He has been an insider in the netherworld of international banking and understands the power and greed that exists in that world. He has earned his “swagger” by being in the company of world leaders and fortune 100 presidents. He is experienced and has been successful in a myriad of international businesses. JoAnne is a fearless supporter of Jimmy and a standalone businesswoman; best described as a maverick working inside male dominated industries and cultures and undaunted by it. She is intelligent, quick minded and intuitive. She has a soft yet strong, fearless demeanor and is highly skilled in computer technologies. She is passionate about justice and truth.

Who are James and Joanne Moriarty?
We were business people doing business in Libya since 2007 January. We made a unique enzyme that rejuvenates oil wells and cleans up sludge pits, cleans out pipelines and tanks and does a whole lot of neat things to oil. We booked a huge amount of business in Libya from 2007 to 2011: 5 billion dollars worth of our product. We signed a JV with the Social Security Investment Fund of Janzour near Tripoli, Libya. We actively began to build a production facility to fulfill these contracts for our enzyme when the so called Libyan revolution began in February of 2011


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