1st Live update on pedo hunting: Gay baby flesh trade, Disney BBBS pedos, AU Gay pedo Police, OTO

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This was my first test and attempt live-streaming with OBS to update my followers what anti-pedophilia edited videos / live-streams I'm preparing to release this month.
I may as well copypaste the intro for the last livestream with Jim Fetzer for some links to get you started. There will Epic Livestream in about 2-3 days on the New Life IVF gay pedophile ring praised by the MSM and it's links to hardcore human trafficking. I promise it will be big. Today I didn't have my best game on as I was exhausted after an all-nighter research binge for the big one, so this is just me soldering along getting out some info quickly if I am taken out before the bombshell info I'm sitting on before it gets released. Subscribe for the livestream only but the videos will only on 153news and possibly other non-mainstream video sharing websites without queer censorship (so forget liveleaks, vimeo, youtube etc). So today was totally spent, tired but if you can't wait for the big videos I'm editing - this will give you a taste of what is to come this month in epic politically correct gay activist pedophile hunting disclosures!

Expect to see (((Disney))) Pixar Australia's BBBS Man-Boy-Love Cam Dating Site exposed: (not a typo)
& the @nodiscrim @NCATNSW Jewish Pedo Judge Rampage: + Australiia's newest Gay Jew Judge Chris Pooplick AM Muslim Gang Rape Gate
Exclusive LGBTI Hardcore Pedo Hunting & Previously Content coming soon to:

See Previous Jim Fetzer Interviews for introduction to Garry Burns, The OTO Pedo cult High Court case (we won) and the NSW Police Islamophobia Hotline shutdown with it's boss going to jail for being ran a Muslim drug dealer, and how only Muslims and Satanists can use religious vilification laws in Australia ( to see some leftovers the censors didn't fully remove)
Triggered homopedos:
I stopped sharing research links up there when I realized how big the dirt I have on @TwoDadsAndMe is.

Links: aka (
Pedos are triggered and are on the run who wrote me a poem:
And when the truth comes out they will all have a lot more to run to the special gay police and cry about, because I have total proof of a pedophilia cover-up for the sake of gay pride.
Australian government rules child porn is OK if you are gay:
etc etc.


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