Should America be Sued for their History of Worldly Atrocities

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Should America be Sued for their History of Worldly Atrocities
This is a compilation of a bunch of videos with the same theme. Basically on how horrible the USA gov’t really is. The acts a round the world that contributed to its over all destruction for the takeover of the NWO. A multitude of atrocities around the world is guilty of the USA.
Videos that should/ought make you feel ashamed to be an American.

Lee Camp goes over examples of situations that other countries can come back and sue the USA. All rightly so. These are just a few examples of the atrocities the USA has committed around the world. And as he states at th send, there are 50 more he could of recieted.

1950’s Korea Conflict
1960’s and 70’s, Viet Nam
1953 over through Shah of Iran
1963 coup of Indonesia
Bay of Pigs
1965-69 Bombing of Cambodia
1971-73 Bombing of Laos
1973 Chilean coup
Angola, varies years
1980’s Nicaruaga contra invasion
Lybia 1986,87,89, 20012
1990’s Iraq, 2003
1990’s Somalia and 2006
Yugosalvia 90’s
Haiti 94
1998, Bombing Sudan
1998, 2001 Afghan
1987 Iran
Panama invasion
Yemen, 2002 plus
Haiti 2004
Pakistan 2005
And last but not least Syria

All of the medical experimenting within the USA and around the world. As inhuman as exhibited by the Nazis. From whom we learned many of these horrible tactics.

Full Redacted Tonight video,
THIS Is The REAL Reason 28 Pages Of 9/11 Report Is Kept Secret! [Truth & Comedy]

Unethical human experimentation in the United States
Ugly past of Human Experiments
10 of the Most Evil Medical Experiments Conducted in History
Guatemala syphilis experiment


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