Shakespeare Actor & Needle-Free IV

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Shakespeare Actor & Needle-Free IV - Never did I ever think I would use Shakespeare and IV in the same title, but when it comes to these Fake Mass Shootings anything goes! Unfortunately, we have enough photos on this guy's GoFraudMe to question what is going on his pics, and a known Shakespeare love that likes to Act. We have busted so many Actors, Singers, Entertainers, Political Hacks, and People connected to the Feds in ALL of these fake Mass Shootings, that it's obviously no coincidence. We are at a critical point right now. If people do not start speaking up to their Reps at Town Halls, about the evidence of Fraud, we are doomed. It's to the point that people just have to start speaking up in Public, because "Group Think" is a Powerful weapon they use on the masses. If more people start speaking up in front of hundreds of people, then their Group Think will start breaking down.

Correction on the "Post Date". The idiot claims Brother was Shot on 5/19, but it was 5/18. The GoFraudme posted 5/19, so Bro can't get his date right. I was tired, and should have looked at the calendar to confirm what date the event allegedly occurred


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