Luciferian Pedophiles: The Monsters That Walk Among Us. Part I, Pizzagate.

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This film contains very important information that has been suppressed by the mainstream media. I started arranging this film in 2018 and stopped due to how troubling the wickedness was regarding the abuse of children. At one point I decided that I would just scrap the film and never release it. However after seeing how many parents are going along with the trend of posting pictures of their babies and toddlers in pizza boxes it made me enraged with righteous anger. These parents have been so brainwashed by the beast system that they are unknowingly supporting pedophilia.
I'm not saying that if adults or children love pizza it means they're involved with pedophilia but what I am saying is that the Luciferian Pedophiles use pizza as code for children so when they reference and post or talk about things related to pizza such as children in pizza boxes or "let's get horned up for pizza" it is referring to their sick acts of pedophilia which is clearly proved in this film.
Since I've been working on this film off and on for 2 years I have a total of almost 7 hours of footage so I decided to split it into 3 parts. I worked on editing and adding the background music to this part for 10 hours straight today.
People really need to wake up regarding the abuse of children by those in high places and stop putting their head in the sand and trusting in all the lying media personalities, celebrities and politicians as the majority are all involved in covering up their evil deeds.
James 4:17 “If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn't do it, it is sin for them.”

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