Boulder CO & The War Room Bullshit Show!

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First of all Steve Bannon’s War Room is an embarrassment and a disgrace when it comes to these Gun Grab HOAXES. He and nudnik Raheem believe Boulder Colorado was real, San Bernardino, Las Vegas and I guess many others were all legit. They look like FOOLS discussing this garbage. Consider sending this video to no brains, Steve Bannon. Title it any way you want. #1. Copy the link at the top of the page. #2. Google Search "War Room Pandemic". That will bring up Steve Bannon’s War Room. His home page. If you don’t enter "War Room Pandemic" you’ll likely get Apple Podcasts & a whole bunch of crap that is not about his home page. Once you get there, click the large video you see right in front of you. That takes you to a smaller one where you’ll see the EMAIL sign above the video. Blast him! If doing something like this is not your thing that’s fine don’t worry about it. No big deal. I refuse to listen to Steve Bannon when he’s talking about absolute garbage.

You can reach nudnik Raheem at The National Pulse. Send him this video. Let him know what a jerk he is.

That wasn’t a terrorist attack in Boulder Colorado. Note that automatic AR-15 going off. Many people would die instantly. The event was FAKE NONSENSE. The MORON goes into a Supermarket and only kills 7 people beyond the entrance. One at the entrance & 2 outside. Totally RIDICULOUS! If you’re going to go into a supermarket with the goal of killing as many people as you possibly can, you know the old saying. Do it right or don’t do it at all. This guy behaved like a little mama’s boy. We all know he didn’t kill anybody. Just Gun Grab Nonsense.

I’d rather watch an old Dirty Harry movie than have to listen to Steve Bannon promoting Boulder Colorado as a real event.


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