Geert Wilders EXPOSED

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Geert Wilders EXPOSED, Published on Mar 23, 2017.
From Verdant Servant -
Geert Wilders exposed as an anti-Muslim Zionist shill and agent of Israel : Exposing pro-Israel Zionist Geert Wilders, a descendant of European Jews who demonises Muslims and frames Israel's colonial and expansionist wars in the Middle East as part of an existential clash of civilisations.

Much like other Zionist propagandists, such as Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, Geert Wilders has lunatic ideas of his own. Geert Wilders believes the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the appropriation of all Palestinian land and the mass displacement of its people to the Kingdom of Jordan.

With this much support and fervour for the Zionist agenda, one wonders whether Geert Wilders' true allegiance lies with the Dutch people or in the Israeli colonial and apartheid state thousands of miles away from the Netherlands.

Also, it is interesting to notice how Geert Wilders travels around parroting the same lines of Zionist propaganda you would hear from Netanyahu and other apologists for the colonial state of Israel. Being a hasbara agent must be boring and involve a lot of brainwashing preparation.


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