TX Cafeteria Shooting Hoax- Part 1

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Since the Hoax News goes down during the Summer, I thought I would do a video on some of the older mass shooting events that we may have believed were real at the time. I recall this shooting because this was an event where I couldn't understand why anyone would go shooting up people he didn't even know. This was also around the same time they exposed the Saddam's Troops throwing babies out of incubators hoax, so I started to question things. Unfortunately, I then went back to sleep after going thru college, and didn't snap out of the matrix until Sandy Hook and the Boston Hoaxathon that confirmed my feelings on Sandy Hook. So, it took me 12 months to realize that they had fooled me into believing 20 kids died.

I once felt that they started these events when they were working on the repeal of the Smith-Mundt act. However, I then started to question everything I was told. I've looked into several nationally covered older mass shootings, and I've yet to find one that was real. I plan to do another video on this Luby Cafeteria shooting hoax, since I have so much evidence. However, my goal is to expose a few more older ones over the next few months. The military seems to be involved with these fake events, as you will see in this video and the ones I will cover later. So, we have a lot of lies to expose, and Americans should be pissed off that their tax money was used to deceive and push their agendas for MANY DECADES! They also seem to have occurred in the same states/cities that have pulled fake events in the last decade. What a coincidence!


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