There Never Was, and Still Is Not, a ’Contagious Virus’... Part 1/3...

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This video is part 1/3, with ample evidence that there never was, and still is not, a "contagious virus", that the "infection" is from the "injection". Part 1 discusses your belief system, if you believe one exists, information that you were missing when that belief system was formed... Part 2 & 3 go into the hard evidence, everything from common sense question to official government agency & other official organization documents that show there never was, and still is not, a ’contagious’ virus... Part 1 is a very important video if you believe there is a ’virus’ at all, because with out that - addressing how you arrived at your belief system and showing that fallacies you can form a correct belief system, you would dismiss any evidence to the contrary of your belief (cognitive bias). So, watch this video, & enjoy! And look forward to the next one! :)


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