Operation Abraham Your Tax Dollars Circumcising Africa

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Your Tax dollars also pays for American baby mutilation. Medicaid funded child torture.
State Sponsored Terrorism.
Africans fighting the American circumcision propaganda machine.
Da Great Africa.

VMMC is often portrayed as a simple surgical solution to the African HIV/AIDS epidemic. Africans have found that this is not the reality.

US Navy Study that shows circumcision has no effect on HIV or STI infection rates.

What even worse is that hard core proponents of circumcision declare that it’s a good defense against HIV and the HPV virus.......which demonstrates the power of one lie, to be built upon another lie.

At this added link, the concrete proof that both HIV and AIDS have never existed in the format we’ve been indoctrinated to believe.

At this added link, the concrete proof HPV doesn’t cause cervical cancer what so ever and that any fear over the HPV viruses is purposely fabricated to sell one of the most toxic vaccines on the planet.....the HPV cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil.

Elephant in the Hospital…

Robert S. Van Howe, MD, MS, FAAP Professor and Interim Chair of Pediatrics Central Michigan University College of Medicine.…/Statement_by_Statement_Analysis_…

Learn how sex is supposed to work.

Babies experience pain just like adults.…/infants-experience-pain-similar…

How to properly care for a natural Penis.…/…/basic-care-of-intact-child.html

They didn’t tell you the functions of the foreskin, but they did lie to you and said it had health benefits. Did they also tell you it pays for their house, their cars, and their children’s college? It is illegal to sell an organ taken from a patient but they still do it.

Foreskin for sale: $169/500µg = $338,000/g = $9,581,962/oz.

My numbers and claims are supported by these studies:

Dutch Medical society and their stance on RIC…/KNMG-viewpoint-Non-therapeutic-ci…

Surgeons of British Columbia…/Circumcision-Infant-Male-College%…

Doctors around the world critique AAP’s circumcision opinion.

This document outlines the deaths caused by circumcision in the US.

All the statements made by medical organizations about circumcision, and they are cited.

Functions of the Foreskin.…/foreskinfunctions.jpg

Breast cancer kills more men than anything related to the foreskin.

American Cancer society says Circumcision does nothing to affect cancer rates.

Meta-analysis of circumcision research

Judge says MGM worse than most common form of FGM.…/male-circumcision-can-be-wor…/

Circumcised men have a 450% greater chance of ED…/does-circumcision-cause-er…

All the common myths about circumcision and how they are dispelled.…/myths-about-circumcision-y…

Boy wants to be a girl after botched circumcision. There are many cases like this however they usually occur in infants who cannot express themselves in words.

Cost benefit analysis of circumcision.

US Navy Study that shows circumcision has no effect on HIV or STI infection rates.

Circumcision is PAINFUL!

Men upset about being circumcised against their will.

FGM victim speaks out against MGM


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