Gray State - The Rise - Rough Cut Directed by David Crowley

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GRAY STATE is the reality that can no longer be ignored. It is coming - by consent or conquest.
Watch the first official Gray State concept trailer here.

What is the Gray State?
The GRAY STATE is here. It always was.

David Crowley was an Iraq War veteran and was known for his work on an original film entitled, “Gray State.” The yet-to-be released film depicts the impending financial collapse of the United States, a declaration of martial law, and a brutal crackdown on civil liberties in the USA. Crowley was the writer and director of the film.

In collaborations with Police State USA on the project, Crowley described Gray State as a “film about the dystopian horror we face, should we as a nation fail to embrace liberty.”

According to musician Jordan Page, a friend of David Crowley, “The film was about to start production with a $30 million budget from a major Hollywood studio.”
Shortly After this project was halted by the murders, I received a Package from an old pal who I used to trade VCR videos before the internet was around. This DVD and extras was inside. I ripped the .VOB file from the DVD and spread it over the few torrent sites available back then. I dont think it exist anymore. I didnt ask.
This IS where we are at todaay, only slightly different angles.

Please remember some of the people/actors in this are now turn coats. Dont let this affect the video’s message.
This is a rough Cut and not the final version David wanted but there may still be hope to have it made. Thanks for viewing and please download and preserve this. Be Prepared to yell at your screen!


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