YOUTUBE SCAMMER Fukushima Terrorist 1

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Dana Durnford must be stopped from terrorizing people about Fukushima. Yes it was a horrific event. However, RADIATION FROM FUKUSHIMA did not wipe out the ENTIRE coastline of British Columbia. Finally, the locals ran him out of B.C. He fled to Newfoundland and continues to spread LIES about Fukushima. He just completed a 19 day expedition where he claims to have passed by 400 lakes & ponds. He’s seen only 2 loons. Dana claims all the ducks seem to be dead, the crows are dead and migratory birds are nowhere to be seen. Pure nonsense. A SCAM!
Consider going to his channel on YouTube and say anything you want in the comment section ... like KNOCK IT OFF! Whatever you like. Better yet, catch one of his LIVE broadcasts and comment in the Live Chat. He’ll kick you off his channel but that’s what scammers do. Any creative idea that you may have to try to stop this scammer .. I say GO FOR IT. HE MUST BE STOPPED. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Newfoundland is not experiencing an extinction level event. I also noticed ... he didn’t find any deformed flowers or plant life. This guy is a psychopath. No morals no shame! Dana Durnford ... YouTube.


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