1 Hospital Alone Has 400% Increase In Heart Conditions

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Dr. Guy Hatchard - Alarming Increase in Heart Problems

We have to insist that information comes out, it’s being hidden all over the world.

[UK/NZ Governments are] not publishing the cardiac figures.

[Due to a FOIR] One hospital provided the information, the number of people coming in for heart problems... is up 400 percent.

Someone in Palmerston North wrote how they had been referred by their GP for a heart condition to their specialist. [They] wrote back saying I’m so overwhelmed I can’t deal with it. You’ll just have to manage the best you can.

This is a medical emergency that is affecting a huge number of people involving what is already our number one killer.[1]

[1] Health Research Institute NZ

Full Interview: VFF Odysee - 28th April 2022


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