Bill Murray Stars In The Covaids Great Reset Day That Never Ends

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Intro vid: AGENDA-2030 DAY:

Bill Gates is seen going to dinner at Nobu in NYC with ’daughter Phoebe and her boyfriend’ still wearing wedding ring as he keeps up busy weekend in his first public outing since announcing his divorce from Melinda:

Some people have asked me what I would do if the state tried to force their gene "therapy" on me. Here’s what. And Lucy would take out their ankles. They better get their ankle guards on!:

Detailed explanation of the PCR test, the driver of this Pandemic. Mullis vs Fauci, TRUTH vs LIES, Good vs Evil:(video)

Las Vegas strip club hosting COVID-19 vaccine event Friday night (Video):

’Vax & Scratch’ lottery scheme aims to up New York COVID-19 shots:

Study: Skin Reactions to COVID Vaccines Aren’t Dangerous:

Moderna vaccine can trigger red, itchy ’COVID arm,’ but don’t worry, it’s temporary:

White House partners with dating apps to encourage Covid vaccinations:

‘Lift Your Spirit, Take Your Shot’ Campaign Boosts Covid-19 Vaccination:

I Love This Old Lady…: (video)

BREAKING NEWS: Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Bill to Stop the Censorship of Floridians by Big Tech:

This is how the government is propagandizing toddlers to get the jab (Tik Tok video):

“Wow! What a Year!” A new lockdown -themed musical for primary schools that is getting children singing again:

Look what they want to teach your kids:

This just keeps on getting more and more disgusting.:

Worst : Scamdemic in History - Death Rate in England Lowest Since Records Began:


Get Ready for Financial Shocks From Climate Change, Biden Tells Officials:

Crypto Traders last week, this week (show each image separately as I mention it):


Huobi Stops Crypto Miner Hosting in China, Coindesk Says:

On Bitcoin’s Energy Consumption: A Quantitative Approach to a Subjective Question:

Biden’s ‘American Families Plan’ lets the IRS snoop on your bank accounts:

IRS Wants Tools for Cracking Crypto Wallets:

PirateChain “Logos” high-top sneaker:

New wallet is out for $ARRR and it is a mandatory upgrade, so make sure to do that soon. Also, snuck in as a ’new feature’, atomic swaps!!! This will change everything! $ARRR heavily on sale right now, last call to board the Pirate ship!:

Earthship Anarchapulco May Update: Chad, Trivium


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