Inside Sandy Hook

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This is video was supposedly made by a parent of one of the children in the school.

Background: One day I was searching through YouTube for Sandy Hook related videos and this one popped up as being uploaded just a few minutes prior. I grabbed it as soon as I can. We have reposted this video on multiple platforms and every single time is is removed within minutes. No reason is ever given. It just disappears. We have tried on YouTube, Vimeo and Live Leak.

We are posting it here as a safe place to keep it available for others to see. We do not know the exact dates of any of the images however it does clearly say October 2010 on an easel near the beginning.

These images have never been posted online and no one else has access to them. The user that originally uploaded it also removed it within an hour of me downloading it.

We are not posting this in an attempt to prove the school was open. As a matter of fact there is little in this video that would lead anyone to believe that. We just want to get fresh eyes on it. And perhaps see if it contains anything that might help us get to the truth. There has to be a reason it keeps getting removed from these other platforms. Thanks for watching. -Erik


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