Former WWE Wrestler Implicates the Clintons in Murders of the 'Boys On The Tracks'

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EXCLUSIVE: Clinton Corruption That Dates Back 30+ Years! The Only Full Audio Interview Of Billy Jack Haynes On 02/16/2018 While On The Doc Washburn Radio Show On 102.9 KARN-FM / Little Rock Arkansas, As He Describes Running Drugs & His Participation In The Murders Of Kevin Ives & Don Henry on August 23rd, 1987. ******************************************************************* I have followed this case for several years and have read witness testimonies, watched several documentaries etc.. And this testimony fits what other testimonies say and fills in a lot of blanks. Nobody could have something to gain from giving up this information. Unless they had a death wish. Linda Ives filed a FOIA lawsuit for this case in 2016. No word yet on what has become of that yet. You can read a lot about this case including witness testimonies at Linda Ives and Jean Duffey's website here.


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