Television Watching News Believer - Conspiracy Music Guru

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Because of you we’re in this mess
Forever you will acquiesce
How you love to be decieved
Whatever they tell you, you’ll believe

Dead of sight and dead of mind
News believer you are blind


Critical thinker you are not
Never independent thought
Boxed into your paradigm
Hypnotised with pantomime

Regurgitate all you hear
Spread you terror spread your fear


Never your mind to be free
Never your eyes will ever see
Lick the boot of tyranny
Begging for your slavery
It’s they who have remote control (spoken)
The tv stole your very soul
Tune in to the great deciever
Television watching news believer

Inject your poisons wear your mask
All they have to do is ask
Never questioning authority
Blindly following like sheep

Yes sir no sir three bags full
You television watching fool


In their world forever locked
Into their world forever boxed
Reality you leave behind
A prisoner of your own mind

Forever you will be deceived
Never ever to be free


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