Total Jew Propaganda - Fake Mass Shootings in America

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Total Jew propaganda advocating for gun control.
Some of the staged fake events featured:
Sandy Hook:
Buffalo NY:
Pulse Nightclub Orlando:
Virginia Tech 2007:
Shannon Watts’ "Moms Demand Action" and Bloomberg’s "Everytown For Gun Safety" help to circulate the false narratives and use these fake events to petition for gun control, mental health evaluations, increased surveillance and access to data. They back every UN/Jew agenda on the menu. Nick Suplina is a long time shill for "Everytown For Gun Safety" and he works "together" with all the Jews to help disarm the goyim. These demons work tirelessly to change policies and help accelerate their JWO goals through psychological warfare ✡️

Every single event referenced in their social media posts, propaganda clips and articles was a staged fake event, almost all were "Strong" sponsored as well.
Jews & Gun Control:
The Strong Cities Initiative Network:
The Strong Cities Network Timeline:


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