Trump Closes Borders to EU? 1 Month after WTO Threats to EU Trade Markets on Agriculture by Trump

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remember...when you fuck with American made poison, I mean foods!! like the #EU...we will use like #Coronavirus to make sure we change that!!! waking up yet?!?! holy shit or am I the king of coincidences?? come on!!!

Shea highlighted several “non-tariff” EU agricultural barriers that block U.S. sales, including its prohibition on beef, pork and poultry pathogen-reduction treatments used in the United States. He also targeted EU policies on veterinary drugs, genetically modified crops and pesticides that restrict trade, and barriers that thwart U.S. medical device, chemical and high-tech product sales.

The United States, the world's largest importer, and the 27-member EU block face entrenched conflicts over airline subsidies, agricultural trade barriers and EU plans to tax big U.S. digital companies, among other issues.

The EU was the top U.S. export market in 2018, led by aerospace products and computers, before the United Kingdom left the bloc. After scotching a free-trade agreement with Europe, the Trump administration is focused on shrinking its growing deficit in goods, which hit here a record $178 billion in 2019.

“That can't continue,” United States Trade Representative (USTR) Robert Lighthizer said in December.


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