Best Breakdown of the Las Vegas Shooting Hoax! 03/01/2018 Jim Fetzer

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When the tower of Babel was destroyed by God, he confused the languages and dispersed the people over the whole earth. This was after the flood, but these people still had the stories of creation and the flood handed down orally from generation to generation, and even the teaching of Enoch, which describes the coming of Christ, as well as the time of tribulation that is coming soon. With different languages the names of Adam and eve, as well as Noah, ham, Shem, and Japheth are all changed to whatever language God gave them. Why do you think that all nations have a flood story, and I know that Shem was known as Titan, and Ham was known as Chronos in other countries. Even the American Indians have the story of the flood. The giants were everywhere as well, and that is how the name Zeus came to be, I believe he was nimrod. God is so amazing, he even left a trail to the beginning of creation for all nations as a testimony of the flood, as well as creation. In ancient times the fallen angels, and their offspring the Nephillim, or giants, were worshipped as gods even though they were not. These mythical stories all go back to God, Adam and Eve, and Noah especially, but the names were confirmed to the language which I stated before. Jesus is coming soon, and the days of Noah will be on us, and the fallen abominations will be revealed as aliens, which they are not, they are demonic. God bless you, and thank you for putting this new information out.


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