#FreeTalkLive @FTL_Ian Says 15yr old #GayChildSex is LEGAL (2016 Mirror)

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@VGB_OPSEC WTF #FreeTalkLive @FTL_Ian Says 5-15yr old #GayChildSex is LEGAL in #NewHampshire
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05:15 Is where Ian Freeman who currently being prosecuted by the FBI in a child porn raid says it is in fact legal to have sex with 15 year old boys. The age of consent in New Hampshire where he is, is in fact 16. This is what I was calling the show up about before Ian dropped his bomb shell about child sex normalization:
@FreeKeene means free to rape kids? See for updates. This channel is a facing pro-pedo-queer censorship threat. Bookmark that will launch soon!
^^ Wow it talks about Ian's views on making child sex legal ^^^
So I'll quote snippets from it, but do go the the site for more.
"To clarify, I'm not co-signing Ian's opinions on age of consent. In fact, I renounce them without hesitation. It's a worthwhile debate to have, at least in terms of how or if the government should intervene, or how these things would work themselves out in a free society and I value that discussion. My research indicates that early sexualization of children has a profoundly negative impact on the life of the child, and when this is done on a societal level the results are catastrophic."
The technology the FBI used to identify HIS computer or someone at that IP address he operates.
If he's innocent he'll demand a Non-Disclosure Agreement from the FBI to "protect his sources" and get a copy of his HDD + a FBI certified checksum. Then he'll provide the decryption password keys to his linux LUKS encrypted hard disks safe in the knowledge the FBI can't prosecute his sources or plant stuff. But he won't because he's a paedophile.
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2 days later the FBI raided his arse

It looks like the "boylover" Garry Richard Burns isn't alone in this world campaigning to make gay child sex legal. At least the FBI is prosecuting @FTL_IAN for child porn not like the @nswpolice Deputy Comissioner Catherine Judith Burn protecting @garryburnsblog Garry's 'ass-stranged' sex partner leaked his contact negotiations with underage Craigslist rent boys, all of his legal correspondence and sent me his penis pictures last week. More news on that here:

I have called the FBI via 1800-THE-LOST, but you are welcome to do so as well, to make sure the prosecutor against Ian can add this video to his dossier.


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