Response from Dr. Steven Baker to Hollywood shill, Jimmy Kimmel

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The effort from that clown, vaccine-pusher, Jimmy Kimmel, of ridiculing Dr. Steven Baker on TV, means to me that he and his puppet masters see Dr. Baker as a threat to their genocidal agenda. Here’s what Dr. Steven Baker posted on Instagram:

"I shot a video on a FB live... I thought it was a lil harsh, i said 1 thing that sounded un intelligent, and gave one stat that i think was misunderstood. Any way, I went back to delete it but FB had deactivated my account. In the meantime, someone uploaded it to Bitchute and it caught fire!

So... obviously Jimmy Kimmel took the sound bites he wanted and used it to make me look crazy, stupid, etc... Interesting thing is that Jimmy immediately jumps on the vaccine train and starts promoting the shot. I guess in today’s world a comedian is more of a "doctor" than me. Not surprising...

I’m happy with our decision. I’m proud of the other doctors that are making the same decision. It sucks to get made fun of but, it is what it is. I guess this comes with the territory. Thank you to all of you who are supportive, think for yourself, and fight for health freedom. I respect and appreciate you. To @jimmykimmellive, nothing but love. Hope you wake up some day. In the meantime I hope you and your family are healthy and most of all, happy." ~Dr. Steven Baker


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