The New JFK Show #262 Through The Looking Glass pt 1

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Part 1 of 4 on Oliver Stone’s "JFK Revisited", which would have been better never made. He has done his reputation great damage by relying upon the mediocrity of mediocrities, Jim DiEugenio, for a script that is severely dated, most of which has been available for 50 years. Indeed, the opening sequence is fluff that occurred the weekend of the assassination. It would have been better to begin with Oliver Stone at the Pergola. But spending the next 20 minutes on the "magic bullet" was unforgivable, where nothing new is revealed. And the appearances of Debra Conway and Gary Aguilar, both of whom are flyweights, contributes nothing, where David Mantik and Henry Lee were appropriate choices, but their best stuff does not appear here--and I seriously doubt it will show up later in this colossal waste of time, money and effort. Just compare this with my "JFK SPECIAL" (18 November 2021) to appreciate what could have been done--an opportunity lost. It is embarrassing.


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