The Zombie Apocalypse... Reptiles… Robots… Everybody Wants To Rule The World

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Intro song: VNV Nation - Illusion:

Prophecy Update –2021-12-26 (with Worship) - JD Farag:

A word of caution to the jabbed: Less than Human:

Less than human II:

The vax that turns you to a machine from the inside out (Vexille Video):

Funny VIDEO!: Robot Lives Matter (ASPCA Commercial): ....

Ghislaine Maxwell pictured with ’black eye’ in photo released by lawyer:

VIDEO Keanu Isn’t a Fan of Zuckerberg’s "Metaverse" Nor the Concept of NFTs:

Weird babies are being born to jabbed people:

Creepy Ass Babies Developing Super Fast:

Black Eyed Kids Transhumanism:

"People are using boosters to kill children, but it’s not right".... <I agree, Tedros>: (Wait for it - at 23 seconds)

The US Army is testing a universal vaccine it hopes will target all coronavirus variants:

The military made a robot that can eat organisms for fuel:

Lower back pain and ’scratchy’ throat emerge as symptoms of omicron:


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