Under OATH Zuckerberg ADMITS! -users can’t do nothing about it

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Stop Feeding the BEAST! Learning how only takes a little effort.
Simple things like open browser and run it a little bit smaller than full screen, change MAC address of net work cards, use a VPN "even free".
Use TOR Browser or TAILS for the more advanced users. DO make habits for them to follow. flip things around. Make a game out of it like someone is watching and following you and you are circumventing their actions.
Its a fun game as it is now REAL LIFE TRUTH!
Drop social media or use alternative! Dont use mainstream browsers. "PaleMoon" is open source and goes for 100% safety on user end.
Etc etc...When I had my old cell phone it never got spammed. I went online with it one time to look up directions. From this day on it was 50/50 as to whether the txt or call would be spamm. Think before you click! And no need to join this or that.. thats why we have bookmarks.
Need help?? Send me a PM. I send you some links.

Cheers and God Bless




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