The Tate Murders - The Monsters Dupe Us Again

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The Tate Murders - The Monsters Dupe Us Again. From channel: ScriptedISee.
A look at THE Scripted Case of Sharon Tate ,The Manson Family
The Tate Murders were a False Flag and the Greatest Unknown Success Story of Project CHAOS
by Miles Mathis:

Top 10 Reasons why Charles Manson is Fake:

The trial was a media circus lasting a year, with gross violations:

-Manson wasn’t on the scene at time of either of the killings instead he was
essentially found guilty of remote mind control.
-President Nixon’s involvement should have forced a mistrial and Bugliosi (the prosecutor) met privately with Manson DURING the trail.
-The Helter Skelter story (Bugliosi’s bestselling book) was plagiarized from the story of Krishna Venta. Ed Butler was fronting the same race-war propaganda before Bugliosi was.
-High profile JFK/RFK lawyers are involved along with documented/declassified MK-Ultra institutions .
-The defense rested without calling a single witness.

25 finger prints around the crime scene were never identified along with the pair of eye glasses. The gun used was found by an 11 yo and was put into evidence for 3.5 months, then an identical gun in evidence before the police remembered they had the first. They discarded the second and went with the original which was a prop from an old Ronald Reagan western.

Manson had a spook for a parole officer. Dr. Roger Smith who was not a parole officer at all. He was a research criminologist known as "the friendly fed" working at the Haight-Ashbury free clinic. The clinic was funded in part by the Folger family (the step mother of victim Abigail) and the Merrill Trust which is on the list of CIA fronts. The "Manson Family" was being studied and written about before hand, Manson an ex-con on parole, was arrested repeatedly without consequences (including rape).

Manson was given a Hollywood facility, the Spahn Ranch, to operate his sex/drug commune (plus the Barker Ranch as well) and the police were warned to leave Manson alone as testified in court.

Dozens of high profile interviews with Manson from prison including Charlie Rose, Tom Snyder, Diane Sawyer, Geraldo...where he is wearing jewelry, long beards, long hair, sunglasses! and is entirely unrestrained and dominating the interview or in a straight jacket. The constant media reinforcement of the Manson mythos for decades is evidence of the agenda. Manson is releasing music, audio tapes, and books from prison and so are the other 5 convicts. Interview where they are wearing makeup and street clothes, some producing and starring in films (Bobby Beausoliel) others having children from maximum security prison (Tex Watson had 4).

Lynette Squeaky Fromme was a drama major at the suspicious El Camino College and had previously dated Doors manager Bill Gibbons. She starred in the "Manson family" films from the Spahn Ranch and was a media darling during the trial. Then a couple years later: she staged the assassination of President Ford in a Phrygian hat, and then she escaped from prison in 1987.

A black propaganda Illuminati/satanic film called: Mondo Hollywood was released 2 years earlier (1967) and it is predictive programming/psychic driving for the end of the hippies. It features the convicted Manson killer Bobby Beausoliel (the 3rd alleged murder of Gary Hinman) and the alleged victim Jay Sebring (real name: Thomas Kummer) has a whole segment dedicated to him. Also featuring is Angela Landsbury (as "Minerva") who in RL had her children join "mr. manson’s ministry" also future Governor of California Mike Curb and Vito Paulakas who is the brother-in-law to Winston Rockefeller and an impossible litany of superstars and royalty with scenes like Paul Newman flirting with Princess Margaret and witnessing the controlled opposition at John Birch meetings. This rated X film which was banned in many countries. It preaches sex, psychedelics, hippie rock, and open satanism! directly from the deranged Illuminati elites. Beware it is full mk-ultra psyOP violence and at one point the narrator says "we want turn the whole world into Hollywood" and then he says they are going to use "horror" to do it. This actor narrating the scene is aka Ted Charach (who also does voice overs for homosexual porn) can be found a few years later pretending to be an independent journalist making a documentary about who really killed RFK (The Second Gun) and too much evidence to list that this is CIA made. Both found on YT.

Manson was associated with spooks, famous criminals, and high profile lawyers even BEFORE being released in 1967…evidence that he was groomed, trained and funded to play his role, knowing that he would return to "prison" where he would receive special status and privileges (when actually there) for the rest of his life as long as he played the part. This is the logical explanation.

The Social Security Death Index does not list any of the Tate/La Bianca victims as dead in 1969...except for Leon LaBianca who was in debt to the mafia.

The 1960’s counter-culture was engineered by intelligence agencies/secret societies, including the manufacture and distribution of psychedelics (causing hyper-suggestibility) while simultaneously developing the fashion, media, superstars, and messages. Timothy Leary (admitted CIA) was placed in the prison cell next to Manson before he escaped with the help of The Weather Underground. Leary admits working for the CIA. The end of the 60’s is attributed to the Manson massacres (the day the music died) and this was on the week preceding Woodstock. Lesson to the world: this is what happens to hippie communes who turn on, tune in. and drop out. Altamont was also part of this agenda.


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