Flat Earth Let God Be True, And Every Man A Liar, The Film.

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The film takes a very comprehensive look into the flat earth. We have all been programmed to believe lies and there are only a few who have the desire to break through the programming and search for the truth. There is a wealth of evidence presented in this film so I have no desire to debate about this issue. The reality is that the majority of people are comfortable in how their mind has been programmed to believe and the spinning globe model has been programmed since we were in kindergarten. If you are a Christian that still defends the globe earth after seeing all the evidence then you are defending the satanic world system of lies. The scriptures alone prove the earth is fixed and stationary with a vaulted dome. The scriptures also say the earth has foundations in multiple verses and a spinning globe does not have foundations. Many Christians twist the scriptures to fit the lies of what the scientific authorities say the earth is. The same scientific authorities that also claim evolution is true and tell us we all came from a big bang which gave birth to the spinning globe earth model. You can not teach the masses evolution and millions of years if everyone knew for a fact that the earth is fixed and stationary with a firmament dome over it. If you believe otherwise than you are under a veil of deception. Let God Be True, And Every Man A Liar.

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